Bledsoe Creek State Park

Dates: May 3 - 17 then again June 1 and 2

We spent a lot of time at Bledsoe while starting the next leg of our downsizing journey.  Trust me, downsizing is a journey and you take it in legs.  This was the 4th and not final leg of sluffing off our stuff. During this period Jamie sorted tools and we made many tough decisions about what stayed in the storage unit and what came with us on the road.  

Bledsoe is a very pretty park with nature trails, playgrounds, and really helpful workampers. The park ranger is a very nice man as well.  During our stay, Jensen got to fish a lot and caught his very first fish! We enjoyed the trails and playgrounds daily.  Yes, that's plural on playgrounds.  There are 3 and 1, in particular, is amazing.  The only cons for this park IMHO is no sewer at the sites and more importantly, NO wifi and NO t-mobile service at all.  We were on blackout here and it was TOUGH for newbie road warriors.  

In the gallery: Very angry kitties (we weren't letting them out quite yet), some scenery, a picture of an egret that Jensen took, kiddos, one of my one pan meals, Rufus, and finally Jensen's very first fish! How cool is that?  Way to go Jensen.  It was a catch and release.  :-)