Purchase Trip

Greetings our excellent friends!  Traveling the road of excellent adventures comes with a large learning curve and a huge transition period as we've been learning. Our intent to post weekly blogs sort of fell by the wayside for a while but here we are to fill in the history of the adventure. We hope you enjoy it and follow Our Most Excellent Family Adventure. 


April 15 - 20, 2017

After 3 months of estate sales, Facebook Marketplace sales, Salvation army runs, and dump runs we sold the house, Close on the sale of the sticks and bricks (that's RV life lingo for a house that stays in one place) was at noon on April 14, 2017, Less than 24 hours later we had driven the 500 miles to Toledo, Ohio to purchase our Bluebird Wanderlodge, now known simply as Rufus. Rufus: our protector on our Most Excellent Family Adventure near, far, narrow, and wide.  Not too short though because Rufus has a clearance of 11 foot!! Trucker GPS required!

The dates of that maiden voyage were April 15 - 20.  We were learning a lesson at this point.  Pictures.  Take more pictures.  We missed so many great opportunities on this front. Mel's parents brought Easter dinner out to the Wanderlodge at Caesar's Creek Lake. We ate ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, cole slaw, deviled eggs, and cranberry sauce outside at a makeshift table sitting in Cabelas lawn chairs.  Priceless.  No pictures. We also have no pictures of the visit with Mel's very best 90s friend and her husband. *Kicking self still*

What you will see in the gallery though, is a picture of Jamie in the driver's seat for the very FIRST time, bacon in a cast iron skillet (can you smell it?) and pics from a super visit to the farm of one of Mel's greatest high school friends.  Also included, a pic of the gingers at The Village Ice Cream Parlor in Lebanon, Ohio. Mel grew up going there for fun, but you may have seen it in Harper Valley PTA or Milk Money.  And finally, some pet lovins' back at the farm. Aren't they precious?

Thanks to all that made this trip such a blessing from the amazing folks that passed Rufus onto us to Mel's family and friends and new friends.  We had a blast and it was a beautiful launch to our dream.