T-Minus 10 days! The countdown to launch has started!!

Update for everyone that is following along!!

Yesterday we received confirmation that our house passed the FHA appraisal and that our closing has been confirmed for April 14th at 12:30pm!  This adventure just become very real!  Until now there have been lots of unknowns as the FHA appraisal process can be very fraught with unexpected delays.  Fortunately, we have kept on top of everything and we are good for launch!

We have lots of stuff still to get accomplished in the next 10 days.  We have the final packing and cleaning that need to be completed.  Some final house related repairs and punch list items that we indicated we would address before the new owners take possession.  

Below is our current timeline and where we will be going to and from over the next 2-3 weeks.  We will be posting some small updates on Facebook between now and then, but our updates here on the website maybe a little sparse as we push through the final preparations.  For the latest updates, be sure to check our Facebook page!  

  • April 4th through the 11th - Finalize all of our packing and last minute items that need to be addressed with the house
  • April 12th and 13th - Relocate all of our belongings to temp storage until we return with the bus to Nashville
  • April 14th - House closing at noon.  We will then immediately depart for Toledo to pick up the bus on Sat morning.  
  • April 15th - Bus pickup day!!  We will spend the day with the current owners getting all of our paperwork in order and do a walk through of all the bus systems with the current owners.  
  • April 16th - We will depart for a return to Nashville with a stop in Columbus to see a friend. 
  • April 17th through the 19th - We will stop in the Cincinnati area to see Mel's parents and other friends in the area.
  • April 20th - We will return to Nashville.
  • April 21st through May 5th - We will be stationary in the Nashville area getting the bus outfitted and ready for travel.

We are super excited to be blasting off on this Adventure!  

Thank you to everyone that has supported us and provided words of love and encouragement as we push toward living life differently.  Until later!!  Remember ... Less Stuff, More Experiences!!