Why? I mean really! Why?

Why not?  

But seriously, we have a long list of reasons that starts with a depressing analysis of the life we’ve been living.  The life we’ve been “living” is merely an existence.  It is exhausting, depressing, stressful, and soul sucking.  Also known as pursuing the American dream, we’ve been living in a cycle of work, get paid, pay bills, run out of money, rinse and repeat for a few years. 

There is no end in sight.  

There is no advancement and worst of all, we’re passing this cycle on to our children.  You might think perhaps we’ve been living a life of excess or beyond our means.  Beyond our means, yes, but excess, no.  Our house isn’t big or expensive.  We had (since sold) a Craigslist find car that Jamie used for work and an ok truck. We eke by managing a mortgage, truck payment, and basic utilities.  

One day we came to the realization that all of the stuff was weighing us down.  It was not the dream we had vision for growing.  It had become an illusion.  All the things were owning us, driving our decisions and taking away precious time that we have together as a family.   

So ... we decided to ditch all the stuff in favor of creating memories and experiences for our children.  Ultimately that is our life purpose, at least for right now, is to ensure that our children have the experiences and social perspective to go out into the world and be change that we all know we need to be.