What in the world are we doing right now?

Update Feb 28, 2017 - House is officially on the market and ready to be sold.  

Updated Jan 24, 2017 - We are about 90% done with selling almost everything we own - minus the minimal amount of sentimental items we will be able to cram into a small storage unit.  

Currently we are getting the house cleaned and repaired in preparation for listing in about 2 weeks.   Immediately after the sale of our home, we will be buying a school bus to convert into our new home on wheels and begin exploring the world as a family.  We intend to chase 60-80 degree weather for the next few years.  There is no end date in mind.   Ultimately we would like to find our way to South America and beyond!

Below are some of our major milestones so far.  Visit our Travel Plans page for what is ahead of us:

  • Feb 28, 2017 - House officially goes on the market
  • Feb 2017 - House will go on the market
  • Jan 2017 - We began selling our stuff!! All of it, all the time, to everyone.  It all must go!! Hundreds of sale listings, thousands of text messages and Facebook messages, "no shows" galore, multiple day garage sales, deliveries, junk haul off, recycling haul off, house cleaning, more organizing, more downsizing ....... less stuff.
  • Dec 2016 - Began the process of filtering through belongings and began initial planning for how we would go on the road.  At first we thought we would go the travel trailer route, but after many hours of research determined our best option was to convert a school bus.
  • Nov 30, 2016 - We announced our decision to embark on an Adventure to friends and family via Facebook
  • Nov 2016 - We hatched the plan for a Most Excellent Family Adventure