Our Inspiration

Below are some of the amazing families, people and stories that have inspired us along the way.  We are, as a family, firm believers in the idea that experiences are what matter.  

The people listed below have, in some significant way, provided our family with the vision for the path that we have ahead of us.  

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Bare Naked Family

Our greatest source of initial inspiration. Jenn and Degs have been a cornerstone of our resolve. They are, in many ways, what was the tipping point for our decision that we had to take a different path. The one that is right for our family and what we believe is important.  Thank you to you to your whole family! 


We hear versions of it all the time:

-my career is all consuming…
-we don’t have enough family time…
-the schools are broken…

Have you ever dreamed of just getting out BIG?

We have spent the last thirteen years raising an unconventional family. At least, that's what people say. Known as BareNakedFamily, we're a family of five that went about things a little differently. A little bit cliche, I know...but here's where it gets a little more original. At least back in 2001.

Deciding to finally leap and change our lives, we resigned from our six figure nine year corporate career, sold everything we owned, sold out our house, got rid of a psycho cat, pulled the kids out of school, bought an RV, and hit the road in search of a family business in which we could raise our kids enriching them with work ethic, accountability, and the ability of traveling across North America. To work, learn, and play together.

It was a lot easier than it sounds. But, we did it. We accomplished what everyone said was 'crazy, impossible, and flat out ridiculous.' We didn't starve, freeze to death, make the kids dumb, or ruin our lives. In fact, we thrived, became closer as a family than anything else I have ever experienced, befriended celebrities, created every work opportunity we wanted, lived all over North America, founded non profits, bought a coffee shop, graduated three homeschooled kids, enrolled them in college, and now live in a little fishing town on the Oregon Coast. 

Unconventional some say. To us, it's how we work, how we are, and how we feel. It's the life we crave. It has resulted in extreme creativity and some sort of gift to finding the road less traveled.



Oh man!!! The feels!! This is an amazing family doing amazing things to show that less is more.  More life, more experiences, more of all the things that are important.  Vulnerable, sensitive, thoughtful, compassionate, and most of all, athentic.  We love what your family is sharing!!  Thank you for all that you are doing to promote the idea of freedom through experiences!


Hey there, I'm Nathan. I live in a VW Bus and travel around looking for volcanos to climb and fish tacos to eat. After a year on the road, I convinced the love of my life to hop into this Bus with me. That was 2009. Since then, we've made a few babies, so now there are five of us in this old girl. We teach them things while we roll on down the road, like how to read, pitch a tent and know the difference between a Dougfir and a fir tree. You know, the important stuff.

We run a magazine for those who'd like to live the full-time RVing or van life, and post our daily misadventures over on our Instagram.

Happy trails!


The Great American Farm Tour
Justin Rhodes

Justin and his family provide a unique glimpse into life on a sustainable farm.  Their newest adventure is even more amazing!  They have gone on the road full time in a converted school bus with the goal of sharing their Great American Farm Tour.  It will be awesome!!


Family of six travels America in their converted school bus discovering the greatest sustainable yards, homesteads and farms.


Bus Life NZ

A wonderful family in New Zealand, showing what full time life on the road can be like on the other side of the earth!  Thank you for sharing a part of your life. 


From their Youtube About Page:

We are Andy & Amber and we have two kids Jake (4) and Daisy (2). On February 22nd 2011 (prior to our kids being born) we were on the 25th floor of a high rise hotel in Christchurch when a large and violent earthquake struck. Many buildings collapsed and sadly 185 poor people lost their lives, mainly in those collapsed buildings. The building we were in was damaged significantly and the fire stairs collapsed and the building remained on a lean. Along with some others, we were trapped in the building, riding out aftershocks and anticipating when the building would collapse and crush us all to death. It was an excruciating, nerve destroying wait to be rescued around 3-4 hours later. Fast forward a few years and we added two kids, were metres from a gang shooting, witnessed and first on the scene to a bridge jumper (suicide) went through some very dark times dealing with PTSD and came out the other end stronger with an understanding of the meaning of life and how we want to spend it...so, we bought a bus and are converting it to live in. This is so we can escape the "lifestyle" that society tells us we need to live, you know the one - career, mortgage, car payments, possessions, and consuming, and will be able to reduce our costs enough to be able to spend most of our precious time on this planet doing what we want with the people we love the most. 

Once we are on the road we hope to start a Youtube channel of our life and we hope that any of what we do on this journey will help you to make some positive changes to your lives. Remember, when you are lying on your deathbed, you aren't going to wish you spent more time in your office.

Andy, Amber, Jake & Daisy.


Bertha TV

We have really enjoyed the videos from this family.  They are different than many.  More time spent sharing the day in and day out of full time living in a skoolie.  Their struggles are real and they share their life openly.  We look forward to each new video!



Less Junk, More Journey

Mel and I have enjoyed the laid back and down to earth of this awesome TN couple!  Their videos are very helpful and chock full of real world examples of how to live full time on the road!! Thanks guys!


Welcome to our Journey! We are a couple of dreamers, who decided to sell almost everything to hit the road traveling and working in an Airstream. We wanted to trade our stuff to have a life full of adventure, memories, and family time. Because we were inspired by a video online to begin our journey, we decided to document our travels in hopes to continue that inspiration to others. We hope you join us on this adventure of having Less Junk and More Journey! 


Transcend Existence

The combo of amazing music and fantastic build videos make this a top destination for me as I work through all of the various details regarding our bus build.  Thanks for the great content!!


Wess and Delilah have been working on a school bus conversion named Transcendence. The plan upon completion is to travel and live in full-time.